How To: Decorating With Copper And Gold


Rich gold accents. Luxe textures. And striking geometric forms. What’s not to love about our new James Treble styled dining room? It’s understated yet opulent with just a hint of Hollywood glam. Plus, it’s easy to achieve (*happy dance*).

James says, “This trend is elegant, it’s stylish, and it’s not out of people’s reach to have a few nice key items that complement their existing décor.”

Here are JT’s tips for using metallics.

1. Start small

You don’t have to restyle your entire room for this look to work. Select a few décor accents and try it out. Update your look and be kind to your budget.

James says, “If you have well-placed key items in gold, you only need three or four to make a strong statement.”

From left: Amalfi Olympia Table Lamp, Amalfi Trilogy Mirror and Amalfi Facet Stool, available online at Zanui.

2. Don’t overdo it

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing (sadly). Exercise a bit of restraint. 😉

“The mistake is to put too much of one thing together,” James says. “You need a bit of breathing space. Gold, in a way, is like a strong pattern. If you have too many golds together, they start to overwhelm each other.”

3. Try it out with different colour schemes

Gold is imbued with a warmth that translates across lots of different colour palettes.

James says, “You don’t have to go rich and bold like I have here with the black wall and dark contrasting with gold. The natural pinkish tones in gold go well with pastel colours as well.”

From left: Amalfi Clover Mirror/Tray, 50cm, Waterford Elysian 24ct Gold Plated Ice Bucket with Tongs, Maxwell & Williams Toledo 16-Piece Dinner Set and Amalfi Faux Croc Placemat, 30 x 40cm, available online at Zanui.

4. Guarantee success with three items that are destined to work

James suggests:

GOLD FRAMED MIRRORS – “Metallic tones work with the reflective qualities of mirror.”

GOLD OR COPPER CENTREPIECES – “They naturally demand attention.”

GOLD LAMP BASES – “They allow the lamp to have reflective qualities even when it’s off.”

From left: Soundslike HOME Vintage 3 Drawer/2 Door Sideboard, Rug Republic Ginger & Paul Fade Designer Rug, and LS Collection Black Stallion Statue, available online at Zanui.

5. Green and white flowers always work!

Fresh floral accents add a nice touch to your room and they work well with this palette. But sometimes it’s difficult to know which flowers to choose.

James says, “If in doubt, white flowers with fresh green foliage is always an elegant statement. Especially if the flowers are sculptural – it always works. The green is soft and the white is fresh.”

That’s it. Easy as pie!

Kay is a feature, blog and copywriter. She collects empty jam jars, academic degrees and tawdry dreams in the hopes of turning them into something useful someday. Her work has been published in ACP magazines, ABC fiction, Overland, Brittle Star, Seizure, trade publications and online forums. Her creative writing has won several awards.