Are You Up-to-Date With These 8 Colour Trends for Winter 2017?

winter colour trends zanui

We’ve seen some beautiful colour trends this season: bold tones with big personalities, earthy shades and unexpected blends… Have you been keeping up with what’s hot this winter?

Interior design has seen a swing back to basics this year. It’s all about fusing modern luxury with a natural aesthetic in the ultimate hygge experience.

Trends in textures include velvet and quilting, tarnished brass, chunky wool knits and handwoven jute. And what about the colour trends? We’ve got those covered too…

Top Winter Colour Trends

1. Potter’s Clay

This warm, terracotta tone reminds us of ancient homes in the Mediterranean. It’s simple yet strong and it works with warm reds and yellows, cool navy blues and neutrals like white and grey.

Try it out as a blanket colour on your feature wall or in accent pieces like cushions or throws to ground your entire colour palette.

winter colour trends zanui
Bailey Dining Chair, Tan and WhyWood Rectangle Dining Table,Oak by Life Interiors. Shop all dining room furniture online at Zanui.

2. Bodacious Pink

Blush pink‘s grown-up sister is bodacious! We love the playful yet mature feel of this pink shade. Ideal for winter, this warm shade brings depth to your colour palette. Plus, it looks fabulous well into spring and summer!

Contrast bodacious pink with pure black for a ‘modern floral’ vibe. Or in bold features like your floor rug or bedding for maximum impact!

winter colour trends zanui
Vintage Wash Linen/Cotton Quilt Cover Set from Accessorize. Shop all bedding online at Zanui.

3. Cobalt Blue

Blue is everlasting, as far as we’re concerned! Beautiful in navy or as an airy touch of sky. Cobalt is a deep blue (not quite navy) with just a dash of electric energy.

Perfectly balanced with the broody atmosphere of winter, cobalt looks luxurious but won’t weigh you down.

Try cobalt in your living area or bedroom for a deluxe edge in any space you want to relax.

winter colour trends zanui
Cushions from Rapee. Shop all cushions online at Zanui.

4. Olive Green

Keeping in theme with the earthy tones, olive green is breaking through as an accent colour this season. You might not love it, but it’s here!

Olive green gives a more masculine feel to your decor so its camo-inspired colour is ideal for shared areas.

winter colour trends zanui
Khalo table linen range from L&M Home. Shop all table linen online at Zanui.

5. Greige

Is it grey? Is it beige? We’re not sure! But it’s a neutral that’s not too neutral, if you know what we mean 🙂

A warm tone (which is a must-have for winter months), the ‘greige‘ trend is best shown with texture. We’re talking upholstered bedheads, chesterfield sofas, shag rugs and chunky blankets.

winter colour trends zanui
Jessie Dining Chair, Light Grey (Set of 2) and Khai Dining Table from Life Interiors. Shop all dining room furniture online at Zanui.

6. Mustard

Similarly to terracotta, spicy mustard is a colour that combines warmth with mid-century personality. It’s having a revival since it’s days in the 70s and we’re loving it!

Mustard is a colour (and a condiment) best served sparingly. Keep your deep yellow tones to accents like cushions or as a highlight in your rug or artwork. Mmmm.

winter colour trends zanui
Cotton Velvet Quilt Cover Set from Vintage Design Homewares. Shop all bedding online at Zanui.

7. Amethyst

Best friend to bodacious pink is amethyst purple. These two go perfectly together and with other jewel tones.

Jewel tones have been ‘in’ for a while now, with emerald, sapphire and ruby red. Amethyst is a little left of centre but just as luxurious. Look for it in velvet textures for extra oomph!

winter colour trends zanui
Minimalist Feather #2 Art Print from Design Mondo. Shop all wall art online at Zanui.

8. Cork

Okay, so this isn’t a colour! But it’s definitely a texture trend with a honey-coloured tone of its own.

Natural cork is a palette base to bounce off other neutrals and pop colours. Like last season’s marble trend, cork is the perfect surface for providing an impact in your space.

Try it out as a classic cork board in your office for pinning practicality, or go bold with a whole wall overhaul!

winter colour trends zanui
Image credit: Petra Bindel

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