Colour Trend Alert: Our A/W 2018 Favourites

colour trend autumn winter 2018

Blush pink, baby blue, and tropical green are taking a back seat in 2018. There are four beautiful new colour favourites in town! If you’re looking to spruce up your space for autumn and winter, perhaps a colour change is just what you need. Check out our top four colour trends for autumn and winter 2018.

Colour Trend #1: Earthy tones

Colour Trends Earthy tones

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Let’s kick things off with a colour trend we predicted earlier in the year. We’re seeing a lot of earthy hues in both furniture and homewares at the moment, just as we expected we would. To be perfectly honest – we love it!

While there are loads of different tones that might be considered “earthy”, the focus here is on those really warm hues with a bit of a reddish tint to them. Think clay, burnt umber, tan, russet, mahogany, and chestnut. Having a bit of warmth in your interiors will really go a long way, especially now that the weather’s a bit colder.

Brown leather sofas, dining chairs, and ottomans present an easy and effortlessly stylish way to work this colour into your interiors. Such furniture pieces will really become a focal point in your living room or dining room, and can become a base for how you choose the rest of your décor.

Shop the Harper 3 Seater Leather Sofa from Life Interiors online at Zanui. Image styled by Citizens of Style.

Shop the Harper 3 Seater Leather Sofa from Life Interiors online at Zanui. Image styled by Citizens of Style.

A coffee table or a dining table made of a deep-coloured wood or with a dark wood finish can also provide an opportunity to give this colour trend a go. If you don’t want to go all out with the earthy colours, a table or even a bed with earthy-toned legs can be a great way to subtly bring this colour theme into your space.

Another fun way to work these tones into your space is with a bold wall colour, or even with your choice of floorboards!

These warm colour tones work really well in Moroccan Bazaar and Earthen Luxury-inspired interior aesthetics.


Colour Trend #2: Mixed Metallics

Colour trends metallics

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With this colour trend, it’s all about accents. You want to use metallics with a light hand. A hint of iridescence carefully placed against a neutral backdrop can transform a space from casual to chic, but too much metallic can be just that – too much.

A few scatter cushions with metallic designs on their covers; a metallic gold lamp; a few copper pots on a wooden shelf; a side table with a dimpled bronze surface or metal accents on the legs; a statement wall mirror with an ornate silver frame. Any one – or any combination – of these can be all you need to master this colour trend.

Colour trends metallics

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Metallics can really work in any interior, from vintage luxury, to rustic, to ultra-modern. They add a bit of polish to your space, whatever it is.

A bit of gold and silver here and there can add a touch of glam and opulence. To give your space a really luxe look, combine these metallic accents with other materials that are commonly associated with luxury, such as velvet and marble.

Colour trends metallics bronze copper

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Meanwhile, a touch of bronze or copper can introduce a more industrial element, particularly if it has a tarnished look to it. A copper pendant light hung in a space with dark walls, for example, exudes modern industrial style.


Colour Trend #3: Moody Blues

Colour trends moody blues

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At the opposite end of the spectrum to the warm, earthy tones, we now have moody blues. We’re talking medium blue tones – like teal, cobalt, azure, lapis, and royal blue – to inky, darker shades – like indigo, sapphire, navy, and midnight blue.

Unlike metallics, you can absolutely let moody blues be the focus of your interior. A luxurious navy velvet comforter in the bedroom; a stunning abstract blue artwork in the dining room; a bold blue area rug or even a blue velvet sofa in the living room. All of these things can set the scene for the rest of your interior look.

Colour trends moody blues

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You can then complement these blue focal points with accents in lighter or darker shades of blue, depending on your base colour. Cushions, ottomans, throw rugs, vases, tableware – the options are endless.

These ‘moody’ blues are truly timeless. Blue has been a colour of choice since antiquity. It’s a colour of royalty, and also a lot of peoples’ favourite colour. If it’s yours, then this is a particularly excellent colour trend to jump on board with!

The point is, if you decide to incorporate moody blues into your aesthetic, it’s unlikely you will ever need to replace them once a new colour trend rolls around. Blue will always be beautiful.

Colour trends moody blues

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Colour Trend #4: Sage

colour trend sage

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Move over beige and ecru – sage is 2018’s reigning neutral champion. This calming tone has soared in popularity over the last year, and it’s easy to see why. There are a few different shades of sage, ranging from an earthy, mossy green hue to a pale, almost silvery tone.

Sage is a popular shade for décor and can be found in wall art, cushions, table linen, tableware, and elsewhere. It’s also popping up in furniture, particularly in upholstered seating.

colour trend sage

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Like any neutral, sage is incredibly versatile. It can be contrasted and complemented easily with other colours. Blend it in with white, beige, blush, and pale wood tones to create a really tranquil look. Or, you can spice things up by mixing and matching with warmer tones like red and orange.

Because of its soothing nature, sage is a particularly perfect shade for the bedroom. Sage-coloured quilt covers and bed sheets will help see you off to a sound sleep, while also bringing on-trend style to your bedroom look.

colour trends sage

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Mix and Match!

The best part about these colour themes is that you can mix and match them with each other, and with other interior aesthetics. You don’t have to focus on one colour scheme in your space – you could incorporate elements of all of them if you were so inclined!

For stunning contrast, blend the moody blues with the reddish, earthy tones. Contrast sage green with earthy tones for a really warm, earthen-inspired space. Create a more luxurious look by balancing royal blues with a spot of metallic gold here and there.




What do you think? Are you loving these colour trends for autumn and winter 2018? Let us know!

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