Our Colour Forecast for 2017


Get the jump on next season’s must-have hues, and style your home in sumptuous colours and on-trend motifs.

After the effusive pastels that have flooded interiors over the last few years, 2017 is set to ring the changes in our décor palettes. Earthy tones will take centre stage alongside deep greens and burnt terracotta.

The look is natural yet urbane – it’s rich, rustic and sophisticated.

from eclectictrends.com Art Club Concept Nouveau Cushion
Desert blush and warm neutral hues work well with concrete textures, geometric prints and fresh vernal accents. L: source – eclectictrends.com. R: Art Club Concept Nouveau Cushion and Modern Duo Wall Clock, online at Zanui.

The philosophy behind the look

This return to nature is fuelled by a desire for a digital detox. Life is busy. The pace is panicked. Relaxing has become an exercise in multitasking.

Chillaxing is watching House of Cards on Netflix whilst scrolling through Facebook, snapchatting, and searching for Insta cats with hair like Donald Trump on your tablet.

Jasper Conran at Wedgwood Chinoiserie Green Dinner Plate, 27cm from bloglovin
Verdant hues for 2017 in the Jasper Conran at Wedgwood Chinoiserie collection, online at Zanui. R: image sourced – Bloglovin.

How this will affect your décor palette

With the rise of digital engagement comes a yearning for a more bucolic lifestyle. Think Heidi in the Alpen meadows or Maria in the Sound of Music. At least, that’s what those readers of the zeitgeist say.

This colour trend promises to inject its own breath of fresh air into our homes without our needing to surrender our smart phone/tablet/laptop. Perfect.

This palette also tips its hat to eco-sustainability and our love affair with organic textures. Organic textures are here to stay – in fact, word on the street is that cork will set the interiors scene alight with its unrefined beauty.

Rapee Leyton Cushion, Waverly Cushion, Orange
Trending terracotta tones in the Rapee new season collection, featuring the Leyton, Waverly, Kingston and Haze Cushions, online at Zanui.

Fashion meets function

Function is returning to the forefront of design. The mid-century concentration on minimalist form is very much on-trend. Scandi influences remain strong with soft suedes, leathers, faux furs and hide rugs still prevalent.

This palette recognises the simple beauty of raw and repurposed materials and works to enhance it. Embracing the soothing influence of natural tones will feed your mind, body and soul.

Pick up this palette in your rugs, cushions, and décor accents as well as in larger furniture items like sofas and quilt covers.

So which colours are the stars?

A La Mode Studio Sidewinder Framed Print
Organic textures meet desert tones in our colour prediction for 2017. A La Mode Studio Sidewinder Framed Print, online at Zanui.

It’s something of a desert storm

With the departure of pastels, colour changes tack to emphasise muted spice tones. These new colours create a versatile and authentic aesthetic. They’re warm, calming and welcoming – an alchemy for meditative relaxation.

This is what Trend Forecaster Victoria Redshaw calls a “controlled rusticity”. Fusing fashion and function, these new focal hues are easy on the eye and easy to apply within your interiors.

from eclectictrends.com 2 Aura By Tracie Ellis Mosaic Quilt Cover, Pearl Blush
Get the balance right to suit your personal taste, from soft blush to more masculine neutrals. L: Aura By Tracie Ellis Mosaic Quilt Cover in Pearl Blush, online at Zanui. L: image sourced – eclectictrends.com.

From blush to taupe

Blush, sand, cinnamon, tea rose and taupe are warming up the neutral zone, supplanting the long-standing adulation for all-white interiors. There’s a soothing element to these hues and an understated femininity that promotes comfort.

Worried your interiors will look too feminine? Work with statement black and steel grey for strident style. Alternatively, steer towards the taupe end of the spectrum for a timeless organic edge. Colour soothsayers Pantone point to taupe’s reassurance.

Love the softness of this look? Work with dusty or rose-toned pink. (See Pantone’s Dusty Cedar.) Add in mauve or masala accents to enhance it.

terracotta hues from riad-marrakesh-darkawa.blogspot.com Rug Culture Nomadic Charm Orange Stripe Rug
Rich terracotta. R: Rug Culture Nomadic Charm Orange Stripe Rug, online at Zanui. L: image sourced –riad-marrakesh-darkawa.blogspot.com.

Terracotta tones

Terracotta is making a comeback in 2017. With all the old-world refinement of a Tuscan villa, this rich organic hue will work its way into our ceramics, textiles and tiles… Pantone included Potter’s Clay in their Fall collection for its russet orange undertones and earthy vibe.

In its native form, a matte finished terracotta will replace more distressed styles for a sleeker look. When it comes to soft furnishings, terracotta will take on rust, clay and burnt orange tones for a grounding influence.

Ranging from brazen to modest in personality, terracotta hues sit alongside white woods, or white-dipped ceramics.

Hoxton Art House Newton's Quarters Greens Canvas Print
Contrasting greens used to affect in wall art and décor accents. Hoxton Art House Newton’s Quarters Greens Canvas Print, online at Zanui.

Deep lush greens

Botanicals have been at the periphery of our colour palettes for the last few years with the growing emphasis on bringing the outdoors in. Now is their moment to shine, with lush meadow hues, sage and racing greens taking the place of last season’s moody midnight blues.

These verdant jewel tones will make themselves known in feature walls, plush sofas, cushions and throws. Play different foliage prints off against one another for a more vibrant look.

from 2017fashiontrends.blogspot.nl Escape To Paradise Sanctuary:Oasis Palm Trees Cushion, Neutrals
Busy is beautiful patterns add a playful pop of colour within this palette. R: Escape To Paradise Sanctuary/Oasis Palm Trees Cushion, online at Zanui. L: image sourced – 2017fashiontrends.blogspot.nl.

And, finally, a word on patterns

This palette is made for intricate designs, and geometric patterns will be big again in décor accents next year.

In addition to botanical themes, Moorish and Mediterranean motifs will also remain. Brazen overlaid florals and tropical patterns are set to star as statement pieces. Whilst ombre will grow evermore subtle.

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