Your Bedroom Styling Checklist: Room by Room #1

bed bedroom styling checklist

Your bedroom is your most personal space at home. It’s the place you go to unwind at the end of a long day. It’s your sanctuary when you’re feeling unwell, your best friend on Sunday mornings. That’s why it’s so important to have all your bedroom styling bases covered, whether you’re a solo sleeper or you share your bedroom with a partner.

We’ve put together a little bedroom styling checklist to help you put your sleep sanctuary together, whether it’s for the first time because you’ve just moved out, or you’re just considering a bedroom refresh.

Header image: Alva Queen Bed in Light Grey from our exclusive Zanui collection.

☑ Bed

Not to be captains of the obvious – but in a bedroom, you really do need a bed! This is bedroom styling 101.

bed queen bed zanui bed bedroom

Your bed will become the focal point of your bedroom. Make sure it’s a good one! Shop the Nils Queen Bed in Light Grey from our exclusive collection online now at Zanui.

Your bed is the centre of your bedroom universe; literally everything else you put in your bedroom will revolve around the placement of your bed.

Consider the size of your room before you decide to splurge on that King bed you’ve been dreaming of. If your space is limited, it’s probably best to go for the Double instead, or Queen if you’re going to be sharing with a partner. (Don’t let us crush your dreams, though!)

☑ Bed Head

If you have an ensemble-type bed, you might also want to get a bed head.

bed head bedroom checklist

Our Kira Queen Bed Head slips effortlessly between your bed and the wall, and can be attached to your bed base for added strength and stability.

Bed heads sit in between your bed base and the wall. They’re a simple easy hack for better bedroom styling, as they add an extra decorative element to your bedroom, but they’re also practical. They stop your pillows from slipping down behind your bed overnight! Plus, they’re great for leaning back against when you’re propped up on your pillows in bed.

☑ Mattress

While not necessarily important to bedroom styling, per se, a mattress is nevertheless a key feature of a bedroom.

It’s so important to choose the right kind of mattress. A quality mattress can greatly improve your quality of sleep, eliminating back aches and neck aches and overnight disturbances. We highly recommend doing a little bit of research before selecting your mattress.

bedroom styling checklist mattress

Get a better night’s sleep with the Neve Latex Foam Mattress or Drea Pocket Spring Mattress from our exclusive Zanui mattress range, or the Zenn Memory Foam Mattress or Sova Innerspring Mattress from Simpel.

☑ Bedding

You’re going to want to dress up that lovely bed of yours.


bedroom styling checklist pillow standard pillow

A quality pillow can make all the difference to your quality of sleep.

Pillows have all kinds of different fillings, so it pays to shop around to get one that’s just right for your needs. Some are specifically targeted towards certain types of sleepers, such as side sleepers and back sleepers.

Feather and down pillows will give you a feeling of hotel luxury when you lay your head down to sleep. Memory foam pillows will contour to the shape of your body, and can provide extra neck and shoulder support. They’re a great choice if you’re prone to aches and pains in those areas.

bedroom styling checklist european pillows

A pair of European pillows can help you get that professional, catalogue look in your bedroom.

In addition to your standard pillows, you might consider investing in some 65x65cm European pillows or even a boomerang, or U-shaped, pillow.

These offer extra support for your back when you’re propped up in bed, great if you’re a reader or you like to watch television in bed. They also look great when your bed is made, if you’ve ever wanted to get that professional, catalogue look.

Quilts & Coverlets

bedroom styling checklist quilt

It’s important to note the weight and filling type of your quilt.

When choosing your quilt, take note of the weight and fill. A wool quilt, for instance, will be lovely and warm in winter, but might feel too heavy in summer. Duck feather and down can be both warm and cool, so can be a great filling choice all year round.

In the high heat of summer, a coverlet with a light, quilted fill can be a better alternative to a quilt. They can also be layered over your winter quilt like a blanket for extra warmth on really cold nights.

bedroom styling checklist coverlet quilt

Coverlets usually have a light poly-fill, so they’re a great alternative to heavier quilts on warmer nights. Shop the Driftwood Coverlet from Linen House online now at Zanui.

Bed Sheets & Blankets

In terms of sheets, we can’t recommend linen highly enough. While it can be a little on the pricey side, linen is well worth the investment.

bedroom styling checklist linen sheets

Shop the Nimes Sheet Set in Magnet from Linen House online now at Zanui.

Quality flax will last a lifetime, becoming softer and more comfortable with age. It breathes well, wicks moisture away from the body, and is naturally hypoallergenic. It’s great in any season, so you can use it all year round.

Other great materials for your bed sheets are cotton, by far the most common bedding material, and bamboo. They’re both natural materials with remarkable properties, similar to linen, that aid in sleep. Bamboo fibre sheets also have a beautifully soft, silken feel for that added touch of luxury.

bedroom styling checklist bamboo sheet set

Shop the 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set in Platinum from Mulberry Threads Co online now at Zanui.

If you live in a colder part of the country or your room just gets really cold at night, you can’t go wrong with flannelette sheets over the winter months. The brushed cotton feels so cosy and warm, you may find yourself never wanting to get out of bed on those really cold mornings…

bedroom styling checklist flannelette sheets

Shop the Plain Flannelette Sheet Set from Linen House online now at Zanui.

For even greater warmth, you may like to get yourself a good quality wool blanket. These will last years and years! Plush mink blankets that feel luxuriously soft are also perfect for snuggling up under in the winter months.

Quilt Covers, Pillow Cases & Other Essentials

This is where you can really start to personalise your bedroom styling. A simple change in your quilt cover and pillow cases will give your bedroom a whole new look. Again, we recommend materials like linen and cotton ahead of synthetic materials.

bedroom styling checklist

Shop the Manisha Quilt Cover Set from Linen House online now at Zanui.

It can also be a good idea to invest in a mattress protector and even some pillow protectors. These can save your mattress and pillows from accidental spills and stains, whether they’re from night sweats or drooling or something else!

☑ Storage

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in wardrobe (if you are, we’re very envious), you’ll need somewhere else to store your clothes. A free-standing wardrobe or a chest of drawers will cover you here, so long as you have the space.

bedroom storage chest of drawers

Free-standing hanging racks are also right on trend at the moment. These are great for providing extra hanging space for your clothing, and can be a space-saving storage option. You can plan your outfits of the week, keep the clothes you wear most often within easy reach, and swap out your winter and summer clothing to save space in your wardrobe.

Shoe storage is something else to consider. There are special cabinets and storage racks designed specifically for shoes, some small enough to be tucked away inside a wardrobe. Others look like chests of drawers and other standard storage furniture, so fit right in in any bedroom look.

shoe storage shoe cabinets zanui

Shop the Nobu Double Shoe Cabinet from E-living online at Zanui.

A hanging organiser is another great option for shoe storage – you can hang these over the back of your door or within your wardrobe to keep your sandals, thongs, and other shoes together and out of sight.

A bedside table is also a handy thing to have. You can keep your night-time essentials, like medications, cosmetics, eye-masks, ear buds, and more within easy reach overnight.

bedside table bedroom storage zanui bedside tables

A practical and stylish storage space! Shop the Roma Bedside Table from our exclusive Zanui collection.

Atop the bedside table you can have a table lamp – great for reading before you go to sleep, or just for providing ambient lighting to your bedroom in place of harsher overhead lights.

Elsewhere, you might consider keeping a hamper for your laundry. You can keep gym gear or accessories or general knick-knacks in storage baskets around your room.

Look around for any extra storage space you might be able to take advantage of. If you have space under your bed or dressing table, for example, it makes sense to make use of that space. Unless, of course, you prefer to make use of the negative space to keep your room feeling uncluttered and spacious.

☑ Accessories

Here’s where we get down to the more personal side of bedroom styling. There are lots of different ways to put personal, stylish, homely touches on your bedroom to make it feel truly yours.

A rug is a great place to start, particularly if you have wooden or tiled floors. A plush, shag rug will provide a real treat for the feet any time you get out of bed.

shag rug bedroom rug rugs for the bedroom zanui rugs

Plush perfection! Shop the Macedo Fringed Shag Rug in beige from Rug Culture online now at Zanui,

Wall art can help you add some colour and personality not just to your walls but to the room as a whole. The right piece of artwork can set the tone of the whole room, and if you’re not sure of what colour palette you want to go for, you can use your wall art as a starting point and pull colours from there.

bedroom art wall art zanui wall art zanui at home with georgia love

The stylist for ‘Zanui at Home with Georgia Love & Lee Elliott‘ took inspiration for the bedroom’s colour palette from this stunning artwork, an original from Melbourne-based abstract artist, Emma Thomas. Shop online now at Zanui.

If you’re renting or simply worried about damage to your walls, wall stickers can be a great artwork alternative. They’re perfectly impermanent and specially designed to peel right off your walls without causing any damage.

wall decals adhesive wall stickers bedroom zanui

Shop the Tropical Leaves Wall Decal from Vinyl Design online at Zanui.

A few scatter cushions on your bed can also add personality to the room. Stick to two or three max, otherwise the bed might look too busy (and it can be annoying taking them off your bed every night when you go to sleep).

A throw rug draped over the end of your bed also adds a really cute, casual touch to the room. Plus, it keeps extra warmth at hand if and when you need it, so it’s a practical bedroom styling choice.

l&m home linen & moore zanui throw bedroom cushions

Shop the beautiful Palermo Throw and Palermo Cushion from L&M Home online now at Zanui.

Speaking of practical bedroom styling, how about a mirror? Whether you choose a wall mirror, a leaner mirror, or a cheval mirror, you want something that’s big enough to let you view your outfits and assess your overall appearance. Mirrors also reflect light, which can help to make a room feel more spacious.

leaner mirror bedroom mirror bedroom wall mirror zanui mirrors

Shop the Cleffort Carved Leaner Mirror from Castle Road Interiors online now at Zanui.


Do you have any bedroom styling tips, tricks, or hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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