Behind the Style: Zanui at Home with Pete Evans

zanui at home with pete evans

Yay! The second instalment of ‘Zanui at home with…’ is here! In this episode, we went inside the brand new home of world-renowned chef, best-selling author and Aussie TV personality, Pete Evans.

Together with our fabulous stylist, Fiona Michelon, we helped Pete and his wife, Nic, create beautiful new spaces in their kitchen, living room, and outdoor area, all with products from Zanui.

You can watch the full video here:

If you liked any of the pieces you saw in Pete Evans’ house, you can shop the look here: Zanui At Home with Pete Evans.

The Stylist & The Brief

We were delighted to once again be working with Fiona Michelon, a Sydney-based freelance stylist. You can see some of her other amazing work by checking out her Instagram feed and watching the first episode of the series, ‘Zanui at home with Georgia Love & Lee Elliot‘.

Pete and Nic gave Fiona a brief, which mentioned that they wanted to create “a really relaxed and calming vibe for their new place.”

There were already a lot of white and dark tones throughout the house, so the couple decided to stick mostly to a neutral colour palette to complement this. To mix it up a little, they also wanted to add a hint of tan leather and a few pops of blue here and there.

The Living Room

Zanui at home with Pete Evans

Interestingly, the couple didn’t want a television in their living room. The area would be used more for entertaining than lounging, so it needed to be style-focused and formal while still being comfortable.

One of Pete’s (and Shikoba’s) favourite pieces is the beautiful Chamberlain 3 Seater Sofa. Its dark brown, vintage leather upholstery looks quite sophisticated and masculine. The button tufting on the seat back and classic Chesterfield shape also give it a really traditional vibe.

Zanui at Home with Pete Evans

The Chamberlain 3 Seater Sofa from Searles Homewares is Shikoba’s favourite piece in the whole house!

The sofa seats three, so it was a great choice for this entertainment space. As an added bonus, its length also means you can stretch out and relax when you’re on your own.

Fiona chose an ottoman over a coffee table here because it could serve a dual purpose. You can prop up your feet when you’re lounging or even use it as an impromptu extra seat. You can also create a vignette atop it like you would with a regular coffee table for added style.

zanui at home with pete evans living room

The X Ottoman from CAFE Lighting & Living doubles as a coffee table and a footrest!

You may have noticed all the different textures Fiona mixed into the living room. The rattan lampshade, the leather sofa, the tufting on the rug. Using a variety of textures helps make the living room feel that much more homely and comfortable. This is super important in any living room. Not only is this a space is where you can relax and unwind on your own, it’s also typically the room where everyone comes together when you’re entertaining.

The Dark Timber Floors

zanui at home with pete evans living room

The warm, creamy tones of the Ivory Handwoven Wool Rug from Rug Culture help to lighten the dark timber floors and soften the living room as a whole.

One of the main features of the living room is the really dark timber flooring. Coupled with the deep brown sofa, the living area could have started to feel quite dark. To soften the space and make it feel a bit lighter, Fiona chose a large, ivory-coloured area rug with plush, tufted details.

The choice of a creamier ivory colour over a crisp white rug is important to note. A pro tip from Fiona: using plain white on dark wood floors can actually make a space feel colder, something to keep in mind if you’ve got dark floors in your own home!

The Shelves

Pete and Nic have these absolutely beautiful built-in shelves, which create kind of a feature wall beside the fireplace. While it can be tempting to fill shelves with stacks of books and lots of photo frames and other things, this can make a space feel quite cluttered.

zanui at home with pete evans shelf styling

Another pro tip from Fiona: negative space is our friend, at least when it comes to styling our shelves. She recommends clustering books and decorative items together into little groups, making sure to leave plenty of empty space between. Having this breathing room helps to create a nice flow between your shelves.

For Pete and Nic’s shelves, Fiona chose a mix of pieces with mostly natural textures, like timber, stone and concrete. This mix makes the shelves look interesting, but keeps them from looking too busy.

The Kitchen

zanui at home with pete evans kitchen

The Infinity Bar Stools from Casa Uno were another of Pete’s favourite pieces used in the makeover.

The kitchen was a particularly important area. Pete Evans is, of course, a celebrity chef, and his wife, Nic, also loves to cook. It makes sense that they wanted a space where they could comfortably entertain and interact with family and friends while they cooked.

Fiona chose a quartet of bar stools with tan leather seats and timber legs to add some warmth and comfort to the room. With the bar stools there, Pete and Nic can work in the kitchen while still being able to interact with guests, and the kids can grab their meals right there, too.

zanui at home with pete evans kitchen

A few small decorative touches can make any space feel prettier, even the kitchen!

The kitchen island really dominates the space here, and serves both as a work space and as a dining area. There wasn’t much that really needed to be added here. Fiona created a little vignette to one side of the island, with a small cluster of vases and other decorative pieces, including a stunning bunch of flowers, just to give the space a little extra personality.

The Outdoor Entertainment Areas

zanui at home with pete evans outdoor

Pete Evans’ new home features a large, undercover outdoor dining space, as well as a pool.

Pete Evans and his wife are both outdoorsy people, so will spend plenty of time out in their outdoor entertainment areas.

A set of huge, glass, sliding doors separates the indoor and outdoor zones. However, because they’re see-through, they also make the two spaces feel somewhat combined. It was important to Fiona, Pete and Nic to keep these outdoor spaces practical, while also tying the look back in with the living room, so that it felt like one big, extended space.

Pete and Nic both had their eyes on the Swazi Outdoor Rectangular Dining Table from Casa Uno. The timber tones help to balance and soften the grey tones and clean, modern lines of the undercover area. This makes the space feel a bit more organic and open. Meanwhile, the black Replica Tolix dining chairs really pop against the neutral timber tones.

zanui at home with pete evans outdoor entertainment area

The lovely organic tones of the Swazi Outdoor Rectangular Dining Table from Casa Uno contrast beautifully with the glossy black metal of the Replica Tolix Dining Chair from Simpel.

Fiona kept decoration to a minimum out here, with a simple outdoor rug and some fresh greenery scattered around.

In outdoor areas like this, sometimes you don’t even have to buy decorations. You can just use what’s around. For example, Fiona picked up a fallen palm tree branch to put near the fireplace! This, she says, is “a free and really effective way to make an impact.”

zanui at home with pete evans outdoor dining area

Sometimes the best decoration for an outdoor area is just a bit of fresh greenery.

Moving past the outdoor dining area and you get to the poolside area. Rather than use bulky outdoor lounge furniture here, Fiona opted instead for a few casual pieces. A beanbag, a weather-resistant outdoor rug, a few cushions and some plants all make for a cool, casual chill-out zone. These pieces can all easily be moved inside too, should the weather turn sour.

zanui at home with pete evans outdoor lounge

Pete Evans and Shikoba love to chill out on the Haba Bean Bag from Furniture Runway!


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