Embrace the Artisanal Mod Style

living room

Here at Zanui, we’re always excited to be exploring new trends and styles. Something we love at the moment is the rustic, hand-touched, artisanal quality a lot of pieces display. Pair that with mid-century mod shapes and you’ve got us hooked!

Header image features the Willis Corner Sofa, Light Grey; the Hansell Coffee Table; the Milo Cotton Knitted Throw; the Olivia Stool/Side Table (Set of 2); the Maya Vase (Set of 2); the Aquarius Rug; and the Antibes Poster Print.

What is Artisanal Mod?

While this look can be similar to Modern Wanderer or Modern Rustic looks, Artisanal Mod stands on its own. Natural elements are front and centre with this trend. No matter where you look in a room, you should be able to spot a touch of nature in an artisanal mod space. It’s all about combining natural hues and modernist shapes. Square frames in your basic furniture pieces and rounder shapes in your accents.

Natural Tones

Organic hues are a big part of the Artisanal Mod trend so keep that in mind as you begin your Artisanal Mod journey. Natural furniture that evokes a sense of the outdoors artificiality is a great base. And, because they are a timeless look, they will continue to shine even if you move on to another trend.

Julia Coffee Table, Oak

This is the easiest step in bringing this trend to life in your home. You can’t really go wrong here so follow your gut and choose pieces that you love. The finishing touches will come later…

Planters and Baskets

Much like the way natural wood, plants bring nature to your home. Attractive planters and baskets that can house your plants make bringing a touch of greenery to your space easy.

Keep those natural tones when it comes to this element too; they’ll complement the natural aspect of your plants. This is also a great opportunity to experiment with the more dynamic aspects of the mod half of this trend. Even your plant choice can reflect the fluid shapes that are present in a lot of vintage mod art and interior design. Round planters and baskets, combined with dramatic, eye-catching, leafy plants are a great Artisanal Mod statement.

Bold Rugs

A stunning, Middle Eastern-inspired rug adds a geometric touch to your space that fits right in with those eye-catching mod shapes. An added bonus is a lot of rugs are hand-woven, hand-loomed, or handmade in some other way; the epitome of artisanal style.

You might worry that all those natural tones can be boring (which isn’t always true, don’t worry). But if you are looking to add a little extra colour, look down beneath your feet!

Rattan Statement Pieces

That’s right; it’s not just for baskets. Rattan statements evoke an air of rustic charm in your space. And if they’re hand-constructed? Even better. Rattan is breathable and organic and right up the alley of anyone looking for a little artisanal touch in their space. And turn this organic material into a statement piece in unusual ways? You can tick mod off the list too.

Marseille Rattan Bed Head, Weathered Oak

Rustic Cushions

Handmade cushions or at least cushions with handmade accents are the finishing touches in any Artisanal Mod space. Just like rugs, these softer elements are opportunities to bring warmth and personality to your space. There are plenty of details you can feature in your cushions. Fringes, beads, tufting, even macramé can all look fabulous.

Artisanal Mod styling is about affecting your space with your personality in a chic way. One-of-a-kind items are a must-have, as are subtly retro-inspired designs.

Paige Riddiford is a writer and editor from NSW with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong. When not writing, Paige is often found reading, baking cakes, playing video games, or binging whatever's new on Netflix.