Why André Verdier Laguiole Cutlery is a Cut Above


André Verdier exemplifies fine French craftsmanship, delivering superior functionality and enduring elegance with their Laguiole cutlery.

As the one and only Julia Child once said, “In France, cooking is an art form and a national sport.” More than any other nation, the French celebrate the gourmand. And style and superior quality are intrinsic to the experience.

André Verdier epitomises this emphasis on quality and French craftsmanship in their Laguiole cutlery collection.

Andre Verdier Laguiole cutlery, Debutant 12-Piece Mirror Polish Cutlery Set, Mixed
Andre Verdier Laguiole Debutant 12-Piece Mirror Polish Cutlery Set, Mixed, online at Zanui.

Master artisans since 1859, they draw on traditional techniques and cutting-edge technologies to craft their Laguiole cutlery. The André Verdier Laguiole cutlery delivers the height of culinary elegance paired with professional quality knife blades.

“Laguiole” is not a brand unto itself. Laguiole describes a style of cutlery with a distinctive contoured handle. The cutlery takes its name from the village in the South of France that produced the original Laguiole knife in the early nineteenth century.

Andre Verdier Laguiole cutlery: Debutant 12-Piece Mirror Polish Cutlery Set, Ivory
Andre Verdier Laguiole Debutant 12-Piece Mirror Polish Cutlery Set, Ivory, online at Zanui.

The inspiration for the first Laguiole knife came from an Occitan pocketknife. Known as a navaja, this chic blade was wielded by shepherds and cattle-herders in Catalan. The Laguiole cutlery that we enjoy today takes its slim sinuous handle from this historic precursor.

Originally made from cattlehorn, today the Laguiole handle is crafted from resin in fashion-forward hues. Its sleek lines and sumptuous colours make the André Verdier Laguiole cutlery ideal for entertaining.

Andre Verdier Laguiole cutlery: Debutant 24-Piece Mirror Polish Cutlery Set, Black:Brass
Andre Verdier Laguiole Debutant 24-Piece Mirror Polish Cutlery Set, Black/Brass, online at Zanui.

André Verdier is one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers in all of France, driven to deliver excellence in production and design. They make a range of authentic Laguiole cutlery, from cheese knives and salad servers to carving knives and exquisite cutlery sets.

The Verdier brothers, Aubrey and Ronan, come from a long line of couteliers (cutlery craftsmen). Nestled in the rural countryside of Thiers in the South of France, their modern factory melds tradition with innovation. Their Laguiole cutlery is made entirely in France, from assembly right through to packaging, to ensure exceptional quality.

Andre Verdier Laguiole cutlery: Debutant 2-Piece Salad Server Set, Ivory
Andre Verdier Laguiole Debutant 2-Piece Salad Server Set, available in black and ivory online at Zanui.

Quality control is central to their ethos with each piece undergoing up to 50 stages in the manufacturing process. The Laguiole bee adorns the crest of each handle. In André Verdier Laguiole cutlery, this motif has been welded (rather than stamped) on for longevity.

Why a bee? The bee comes with its own legend. Napoléon reportedly awarded the village of Laguiole with this imperial seal in recognition of its bravery in battle. However, in reality, the first bee did not appear on the Laguiole cutlery until in the 1880s, long after Napoléon had gone.

Still, the bee is recognised as the signature motif for Laguiole cutlery today.

Andre Verdier Laguiole cutlery: Debutant 24-Piece Mirror Polish Cutlery Set, Mixed, online at Zanui
Andre Verdier Laguiole Debutant Mirror Polish Cutlery Sets, Mixed, online at Zanui.

Laguiole cutlery defines premium French craftsmanship. And André Verdier has made it their business to ensure its unparalleled quality remains uncompromised. They use high-quality stainless steel that’s been heat-treated and hardened for superior strength, then finished with a mirrored polish for rust resistance.

The knife blades are professional quality stainless steel with five rivets for effortless slicing. The Debutant knives exhibit cutting edges on both sides, providing a superior slice (rather than a tear), and steel blades with a thickness of 1.2mm gauge for long-lasting efficiency.

Each piece comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Andre Verdier Laguiole cutlery: Debutant 3-Piece Cheese Set, Ivory
Andre Verdier Laguiole Debutant 3-Piece Cheese Set, Ivory, online at Zanui.

Gift boxed in a European beech wood box with dovetail joinery, Laguiole cutlery sets make a great housewarming, engagement, or wedding gift. Or opt for the Laguiole Debutant 3-Piece Cheese Board Set, also made from European beech, with a map of France featuring famous cheese regions. Yum.

There’s no argument. The French know food. From brie to brioche, croissants to les escargots, their cuisine fuses fine flavours and cosmopolitan flair. What better way to enjoy yours than with authentic André Verdier Laguiole cutlery?

Perfect for everything from haute cuisine through to humble barbecues.

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