The First Look at Amigos de Hoy’s Decor Collection for Winter 2017


We chat with Bree Hay-Hendry to get the inside scoop on the very latest winter collection from Australian brand, Amigos de Hoy.

The designer sister duo behind Amigos de Hoy, Bree and Kura, are lovers of original and eclectic homewares.

After traveling the globe being inspired by talented craftspeople, they started their own small business focusing on artisan decor.

Their adventurous designs embrace texture, colour, and are constantly ahead of the trends.

The Amigos de Hoy range includes woven pieces, handcrafted cushions, tableware, and hide rugs fusing digital and traditional methods into creative designs.

amigos de hoy zanui

Q&A with Bree from Amigos de Hoy

What’s the inspiration behind the new collection?

We have really been inspired by all the fun and magical things in life! We have been looking at mystical references and elements, then combining them back with our signature coastal style.

Lots of natural jutes and earthy woods, mixed with shades of purple, lilacs all mixed with tones of gold and brass.

We have five little girls between Kura and I, so we are always designing for households that need to bring elements of whimsy and joy in to house both for the kids and the adults!

amigos de hoy zanui
Trails Rug, Indigo, Stevie Tambourine, Gold and Pages leather cushions by Amigos de Hoy.

What makes Amigos de Hoy rugs and cushions different to other hide products out there?

We really try and design pieces that no one else is doing, pushing ourselves and our makers to create new techniques in everything we create. It gives our ranges a unique edge and handwriting.

When we work with hide, we really go out of our way to choose the best quality natural hides and we also develop exclusive shades and colours for our hide rugs, sometimes taking up to 11 lab dips just to get that perfect shade!

amigos de hoy zanui
Quill Round Splash Mat from Amigos de Hoy.

What advice do you have to someone thinking about buying their first hide, but are still unsure about it?

Hide is such a fabulous choice for any interior, much more low maintenance than people might think.

Hide is stain resistant, low allergenic and is a great choice for houses with kids. It’s also soft, durable and natural, what more could you want in a rug?

Make sure you choose a hide that has natural tones of the interior you are working with, as this will bring out the lovely texture in each individual hide.

amigos de hoy zanui
Arlequin Cow Hide Rug, Grey/Silver from Amigos de Hoy.

The designer’s 6 top picks

We were lucky enough to get the inside scoop from Bree herself – what are her favourite Amigos De Hoy designs?

Here are her top six to add to your wishlist right now! (Images of the products are found below or above) 😉

L to R: Echoes Rug, Peach Spots, Sonny Basket in white, Floyd Ladder from Amigos de Hoy.

  1. Echoes range
  2. Sonny baskets
  3. Joanie & Stevie tambourines
  4. Trails Rug, Indigo
  5. Floyd Ladder
  6. Arlequin Hide Rug, Grey/Silver

Drumroll please…

The newest rugs and decor from Amigos de Hoy will be available in store at Zanui very soon! Until then, here’s a sneak peek of some of the patterns to come out of the Amigos de Hoy studio.

We’re loving the balance of playful colours in these tribal patterns, along with that woven texture!

1sand diamonds 2

Zanui would like to thank Bree from Amigos de Hoy for chatting with us and giving us this sneak peek behind-the-scenes of their beautiful brand!


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