6 Basic Items To Personalise Your Home

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What makes a home truly yours? We’ve got six basic items you’ll need to make your home stand out with your personal style fingerprint.

“Original” is a trend in itself, one that is unidentifiable, unexplainable and limitless. Use originality to complement contemporary designs, palettes and themes – elements that are meant to be the foundation of your style, not the main event.

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What makes your house your home is in the details, small features and personal touches. This is what you add to best-sellers, plain furnishings or simple décor items that brings your home to life.

What makes your home youer than you? (Courtesy of Dr Seuss.) Well, it’s simpler than it seems, especially if you’ve got these six basic items around the house:

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Punch Cushion and Whisper Cushion from Rapee.

1. Photo frames

When it comes to filling your home with décor items, it’s all about the personal touch. What makes anything more personal than the style you pick? Filling them with cherished photos.

Photo albums are great but are something we bring out on occasions or are (sadly) often entirely forgotten about. Keep them on your coffee table for a great conversation starter with friends!

Or for more subtle personalisation around the home, opt for a photo frame. They can really be a statement piece in themselves with colour, pattern and texture.

Print out your favourite memories and display them anywhere from the side table to the console or bookshelf for a sweet reminder of the good ol’ days.

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Acorn Table Lamp from Micky & Stevie, available online at Zanui.

2. Vase of flowers

Welcome yourself home every time you walk through the door with the sight of your favourite freshly cut flowers in a gorgeous decorative vase. Place it in the hallway or as a centrepiece on your dining table. Don’t wait for guests to come around – spoil yourself too!

Flowers are easy to switch up with your mood – daisies for cheer, roses for romance or tulips for elegant simplicity.

If maintaining fresh flowers doesn’t fit into your schedule, opt for exquisite artificial plants that suit your style. Good looks that last, now don’t you just love that?

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Diamante Barrel Vase from Maxwell & Williams, available online at Zanui.

3. Scented candles

It’s important that your home not only looks like it’s yours but smells like it too. We could only wish that our homes smelled as sweet as freshly cookies every time we walked through the door.

Light up a decadent candle with the scent of vanilla, jasmine, cinnamon or whatever tickles your fancy – there is no wrong! Keep it consistent for the scent to naturally flow into your rooms.

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Summer Sunset Ceramic Scented Candle from The Candle Library, available online at Zanui.

4. Typography prints

Prints bring walls to life, and what better way than to hang one with a childhood quote, favourite lyrics or a line from a touching novel?

Typography shows your character in a subtle yet effective way, heightening your décor with that personal touch.

Whether it’s professing your love for coffee, filling the room with good vibes, or a reminder of love and happiness, your print will be a game-changing feature in your home.

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Fall In Love Print Art from Americanflat, available online at Zanui.

5. Cushions

Nothing says home more than plush, cosy comfort. Cushions help soften interior styles and pair well with beds, sofas and armchairs – all the furniture we love to relax on.

Cushions add volume to your furniture and are a great way to personalise your look with prints, colour and pattern.

There are limitless designs for kids’ cushions and outdoor cushions too. Everyone will have their favourite.

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Paloma Tassel CushionPalm Cushion, Paradise CushionGalapagos Cushion, Arrow Breakfast Cushion and Espiga Cushion, from j.elliot HOME, available online at Zanui.

6. Mugs

Whether you’re a lover of coffee, quirky design, or F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you’ll know that nothing makes us feel at home more than the simple things – and we mean as simple as mugs. You start your mornings with them and they’ll wrap up your nights too.

They’re a general household item, so take advantage and play with colour, size, shape and even mismatch them for a more personal collection.

Nothing is more of a glimpse into someone’s personality than the print of the mug they have in their hands!

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Assorted coffee and tea mugs, and bowls from Aura by Tracie Ellis, available online at Zanui.

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