4 Ways to Redecorate your Kid’s Bedroom these School Holidays


The bedroom plays a key role in your child’s day to day life and development. It’s a sanctuary where they experience a slice of independence for the first time, whether they are sleeping, doing homework, or playing. They will spend countless hours in their rooms, so why not make it a fun place that brings out your child’s personal style and interests! Redecorating is a fun and productive activity for you all to do together these school holidays. We have gathered some lively and loveable styles for you to consider. 


#1 More than a day at the beach

Do your kids have a passion for the sea, surf, and sandcastles? Then transform their room into a beach haven so they can sleep amongst the sea. Blues, greens, yellows, and whites are the colours that will likely appeal most to your child’s style. Add a touch of beige with a rug such as the Tortuga Mandala Round Jute Rug to create a sand like effect and offset the bolder colours. They will definitely feel like they are sleeping in a sandy haven with the Cruz Rattan Bed paired with the Logan Quilt Cover Set for a nautical touch. They may appreciate gorgeous, beach-themed wall art to make a statement on a bare wall. For fun little touches around the room, don’t be afraid to get creative, like on your next beach day you can collect seashells together and proudly display them using a clear canister on your kid’s bedside table or shelf.

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#2 Into the Jungle

Whether they prowl in the jungle or fly high, animals are always a hit with the little ones. The jungle features plenty of rich greens with splashes of yellows and blues. You may opt for the ever-popular quilt covers with animal illustrations or you may want to zero in on the jungle colour palette with a botanical piece like The Wild Quilt Cover Set. Your kid’s favourite animal toys will feel even more at home sitting next to each other on the bed as decoration or realistically, sprawled all over the floor, just like a real jungle. If the walls feel a bit too plain, inject colour with some fun jungle themed decals.



#3 In your Dreams

Bring whimsical, eclectic beauty into your child’s room with a dream theme. Think pleasing pastel pinks, purples, blues, and whites. Fold a warm blanket over a pastel floral quilt cover for a snug cloud-like feeling on their bed. The floorboards shouldn’t go unnoticed; add warmth and calmness with a fluffy rug such as the Rosita Modern Round Rug. The walls will look whimsical with a cute print like the Dream Big Little One Arrows Print Art or the Touch The Sky Blue And Red Print Art. Finally, no dream-like bedroom is complete without a stunning dreamcatcher or macrame wall hanging to bring calmness and good vibes.



#4 Infuse their interests

If none of these easy and timeless themes really vibe with your kid’s style, that’s totally fine! In that case, you may want to create your own theme for them. This could be a colour scheme, like a purple palette that they’re just obsessed with or maybe, your kid has a more niche interest they want to express their love for like an outer space theme. To create a colour scheme for outer space, it would likely consist of dark blues, ivory and fun splashes of red and rich purples. This colour scheme will be the foundation of the bedroom. A more neutral quilt cover such as the Rocket Boy Quilt Cover Set will contrast well with the darker shades around the room, especially against a rich bed frame such as the Pena Velvet Bed. Of course, no bed is complete without some decorative cushions, and novelty ones such as the Paul Planet Cushion will add a planetary, distinct touch. There are plenty more novelty items you can find to embellish galaxy aesthetics in their room. From rocketship table lamps, wall decals , and even night lights, it’s the details that will elevate your kid’s room. Why not even DIY some paper mache planets to hang from the ceiling? Of course, there’s limitations to taking this route as you never know if their interests will quickly fade away. A themed bedroom can become outdated as your child continues to develop and discover their passions. However, these more personalised styled rooms are truly unique and mark a passage of time in their childhood to look back on for years to come. 



There are so many ways to style your kids bedroom to take it to the next level. Fun themes such as beachy, jungle and pastel-like dreams will always be a hit with children. Though, there’s always room to experiment and create a space for your kids that reflect their more niche passions. With the school holidays here, there’s no better time for both you and your child to get creative building the sanctuary of their dreams.


Karina is a content writer for Zanui based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from UTS with a degree in Communications majoring in Creative Writing. In her free time she enjoys braving various weather conditions for a long walk, reading, and catching up on the latest TV shows.