Winter Trend Report: Four Trends You Need to Try


Earlier this year, we gave you our top predictions for what we thought would be trending in our interiors this year. Now that we’re past the halfway mark for 2019, we thought it was time for a winter trend update!

Many of Alanna and Victoria’s (our buyers) 2019 trend predictions have, so far, come true. We’ve seen an increased focus on natural materials and organic finishes as the year has progressed. Warm, chalky colours are also popping up everywhere. And, of course, bohemian-inspired interior styles have become a constant for 2019.

So let’s take a look at four amazing interior trends at the moment, and how you can work them into your own interiors.

Winter Trend #1:

Moroccan influence

winter trend 2019 moroccan influence

Take inspiration from the souks and streets of Marrakesh and Casablanca with these intricate patterns and bold colours.

It seems everywhere we look at the moment there’s a little bit of Moroccan influence!

Softer accents, like cushions, throws, and quilt covers with exotic trellises, quatrefoils, and geometric tile patterns make up the bulk of this. These small but mighty accents will instantly enliven any room.

Shaggy rugs featuring similarly eye-catching patterns, but perhaps on a simpler scale, are also great for bringing a taste of Morocco to your interiors. Shag rugs add so much character and warmth to your floor space, and to your space as a whole. They’re absolutely perfect for winter!

winter trend 2019 rugs

Shop the Twilla Fringed Shag Rug and the Krasno Oriental Rug from Rug Culture online at Zanui.

Intricate metalwork with gold and silver finishes is also helping to bring that Moroccan influence into our interiors. Keep an eye out for filigree and hammered metal details on stools, pendant lights, and side tables.

Lastly, artworks that depict mesmerising Moroccan doorways, like those found along the Hassan Tower Monument in Rabat and in the Fez Medina, are the perfect way to make a statement against your walls this season.

moroccan influence winter trend prediction

Shop the Marrakesh Door Framed Canvas Print, Left and Right from Kitson Home online at Zanui.

All of these are perfect for a bohemian or tribal-inspired interior. But, as predicted, we’re seeing a lot of these globally-inspired styles mixing in with more modern and traditional settings as well. So don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

Winter Trend #2:

Rich, earthy tones

winter trend predictions 2019

Warm up your winter palette with these rich, cosy colours.

Back in March, Alanna said that we should expect to see a lot of warm, earthy tones in our interiors this year. Colours like apricot, beige, peach, olive, khaki, turmeric, and deep brown.

This prediction was right on the mark it seems. Rich, earthy hues just like these are featured majorly across a lot of winter styles. Just take a look at the winter ranges from Bambury, Aura by Tracie Ellis, and L&M Home for inspiration!

2019 winter interior trend predictions

Shop the Burton Throw in Nutmeg from L&M Home.

This trend blends really nicely with the previously mentioned Moroccan influence trend. A lot of Moroccan-inspired pieces feature warm, bold colours in their designs, so you can easily conquer two 2019 winter trends in one go!

Right now, we’re especially loving tan, clay, brick red, mustard, turmeric, dusty pinks, and mid to dark browns. These colours can help to create a feeling of cosiness and comfort at home. That’s why winter is the perfect time to introduce these warmer tones to your interior palette.

Some of these colours will also transition seamlessly into summer, when our interiors crave a brighter, more cheerful palette.

Winter Trend #3:

One-of-a-kind finishes

winter interior trends 2019

Shop the beautiful, handcrafted Kiln Decorative Vase (Set of 3) in Mud from L&M Home.

Our buyers predicted that clay and earthenware ceramics would steal the show in 2019.

“We’re psychic trend forecasters,” jokes Victoria, but she’s right on the money! We’ve definitely seen a huge emphasis on really raw and interesting ceramics so far this year.

2019 winter interior trends

The rippled surface details, speckled glaze, and uneven rims of each piece in the Ottawa Dinner Set from Ecology are all right on trend for 2019.

Look for handcrafted shapes, uneven edges, distressed or raw finishes, and variegated glazes in dinner plates, mugs, vases, pots, and other ceramics. This unfinished, perfectly imperfect, organic look is the perfect way to create both visual and textural interest at your dinner table and within your décor.

These pieces, while trending at the moment, have a sort of inherent beauty about them that will remain long after this trend moves on.

Winter Trend #4:

Natural materials

2019 winter trend report

Shop the Bukit Side Table from Casa Uno, the Jayde 3 Seater Leather Sofa from OneWorld Collection, and the Orliah Occasional Chair, Leather, Tan from Castle Road Interiors online at Zanui.

Right now we’re talking about two in particular: leather and wood.

Victoria predicted that we would see less smooth, varnished wood surfaces this year, and more raw timber pieces. Once again, she was exactly right!

The varied grains and unique surface details in natural, unfinished timber products bring effortless warmth and character to your interiors. Stools and side tables in this sort of wooden stump style have proven especially popular so far this year.

2019 winter trends

The stump-like style of the Tyler Side Table/Stool from Amalfi is right on trend at the moment.

Leather, on the other hand, may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of natural materials. But it is a natural material, nonetheless, one our buyers predicted we would see more of in 2019.

Genuine leather has a sort of timelessness about it. It’s classic yet modern, rustic yet Nordic, adaptable to almost any interior style. It has a natural warmth to it that’s ideal for winter and autumn styling. Plus, much like earthy ceramics, leather is not likely to lose its appeal as time goes on. As long as it’s well cared for, quality leather will age beautifully and last a lifetime.

A leather occasional chair or sofa can make a great statement piece in your living room, home office, or den. There are also plenty of smaller ways to work leather into your interior styling. Leather’s popping up quite a bit in cushion covers, poufs, and even on mirror frames!

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