2019 Interior Trend Predictions

zanui interior trend predictions 2019

2019 is in full swing now that we’re in March! With a change in seasons comes a change in our interior styles, which means it’s time for our 2019 interior trend predictions! We spoke to our buyers, Victoria and Alanna, to get their insight on what interior trends we’ll see in the year ahead.

From the colour palettes we’re loving to what materials are best avoided, we’ve got the ins and outs on the latest Australian interior design trends for 2019.

Featured image: Maison Fringe Quilt Cover in clay from Aura by Tracie Ellis.


In: Chalky pastels, matte black, metallic gold

If we could have a ‘Colour Word of the Year’, 2019’s would be “chalky.” That’s because we’re going to see a lot of chalky, dusty, even dirty pastel tones coming through this year, particularly in home accents like cushions, bedding and ceramics.

2019 interior trend predictions

Those warm terracotta hues from last season are getting softer in 2019. Shop the Inca Quilt Cover Set from Aura by Tracie Ellis online at Zanui.

Expect to see a lot of warm, earthy tones like apricot, beige, peach, olive, khaki, turmeric and rich brown. Alanna says that those terracotta tones we saw a lot of last season will continue to feature in 2019, but that the tones will be somewhat softer.

If you’re not a warm colour palette person, fear not. Cool, tonal, chalky blues and greys are also on our radar for 2019.

interior colour trend predictions 2019

We’re loving the cool, chalky blue and grey tones of the Chambray Border Towel range from Aura by Tracie Ellis.

In contrast, we’ll also see lots of matte black and metallic gold accents, largely in furniture, lighting and ‘hard’ decorative elements.

gold interior trend predictions 2019

All the little gold details in this space from Zanui Style Hacks with Three Birds Renovations are right on trend for 2019. Shop the Manor Side Table (Set of 2) from Amalfi online now at Zanui.

Out: Rose gold

Just like last year, we’re giving rose gold the boot. Sorry rose gold. You are not one of our 2019 interior trend predictions, so you’ve got to go! And take your pal, copper with you!

interior colour trends 2019 rose gold

Photo by Natasha Kasim via Unsplash

Materials & Patterns

In: Natural materials, organic finishes

Our buyers predict there’ll be a heavy focus on sustainable, natural materials and handmade, artisanal designs in 2019.

2019 trending materials interior design

The authentic, handmade African mudcloth cushions from Diello Designs are a perfect example of trending material for 2019!

“As we’re becoming more conscious consumers, I think we’ll see handmade, unique pieces that tell a story become even more popular, to create peaceful, mindful spaces,” says Victoria.

We’re likely to see a continued emphasis on natural woven fibres, like jute and rattan, as we saw in late 2018.

2019 interior trends rattan

Just like in 2018, we’ll be seeing a lot of rattan in our interiors in 2019. Shop rattan statement pieces just like these online now at Zanui.

Also be on the lookout for textured fabrics, such as linen and cotton mudcloth, and hints of leather. The former two will feature particularly heavily in cushions and quilt covers.

linen interior trend 2019

We just love this 100% French Linen Quilt Cover Set from Bambury!

Elsewhere, clay and earthenware ceramics will prove popular in 2019. Uneven edges and one-of-a-kind glazes and finishes are characteristic of these kinds of pieces. Having these details in your plates and bowls really brings an organic, earthy look to your table, something we’re loving at the moment.

interior trends tableware 2019

The uneven rims and hand-applied green and neutral colouring of the Theia range from Ecology are both right on trend for 2019.

Building even further on the organic look, we’re going to see wooden furniture pieces make an impact in our homes this year. Think less smooth, varnished wood surfaces, and more raw timber pieces, like wooden side tables in a chunky, stump-like style.

Shop the Rafi Side Table from Inartisan online at Zanui.

Out: Terrazzo, Shibori, High Gloss, Shiny Vinyl

Terrazzo was one of our interior trend predictions for 2018, but this year it’s on the outs. Though terrazzo does look quite earthy, it’s a man-made, composite material and so not fit for our organic interiors!

Alanna predicts these shibori-style patterns will be on their way out in 2019.

Alanna predicts these shibori-style patterns will be on their way out in 2019.

We’ll see fewer sleek, high gloss finishes and less shiny vinyl as well. You should also be prepared to say goodbye to Shibori patterns; Alanna says Shibori is on the way out in 2019, too.


In: Round, curved edges

Round mirrors saw a huge surge in popularity in 2018. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this will only continue well into 2019. Alanna predicts we’ll see more round mirrors coming through this year that have a slightly deeper edge, almost like a shadow box frame, instead of a really thin edge.

zanui interior trend predictions astelle round mirror

Round mirrors like Astelle from our Zanui HOME collection will continue to make an impact in our homes in 2019.

A round statement mirror can instantly soften the look of any space. Just hang one at a midpoint above a console table, vanity or even over your sofa, and you’ll be right on trend. They also make excellent wall features in hallways and entryways, spaces that aren’t super roomy. Because the mirrors bounce light around the room, they can actually help to create a feeling of spaciousness.

We’ll see curves in other places besides our mirrors, too. In our furniture, such as side tables and even sofas, we’ll see a lot of nicely curved edges this year. This is great, because it means there’ll be no sharp corners for us to clumsily bump into!

interior trends 2019 round edges

How cute are the soft curves of the Karolyn 2 Seater Sofa from Nestnordic x Zanui?

Out: Scandi-style splayed legs

The Scandi style is seeing a slow decrease in popularity at the moment. While we’re not counting it out completely for 2019, we are saying goodbye to the splayed legs that are characteristic of the style.

Australian interior trend predictions 2019

Splayed legs are sadly not one of our 2019 interior trend predictions.

Interior Styles

In: Global x Modern, Mid-Century, Art Deco

Our buyers predicted we’d see a rise in popularity of the bohemian style in 2018, and they were right. It looks like we’re going to see this trend continue into 2019, but with a twist.

“Interestingly, this year people are mixing elements of boho and global styles (Balinese, African, Moroccan, South American) into more modern and traditional settings, such as mid-century,” says Alanna.

interior decor themes trend predictions 2019

Why settle for one style when you can mix a few together? We love this mix of mid-century and boho-tribal style our team put together, an excellent example of one of our favourite 2019 interior trend predictions!

Something else our buyers predicted last year was that the mid-century style was on the way out. This year, however, it seems some of its elements are making a comeback. In particular, the simplistic forms, straight legs and darker timbers made popular by the style.

Another style we’re going to see a return to in 2019 is Art Deco. Perhaps not the whole look, but we will see lots of glass and metallic pieces and references to Art Deco shapes.

art deco interior design trends 2019

It’s not extra, it’s Art Deco. Shop the Brooklyn Drinks Trolley, Gold from CAFE Lighting & Living online at Zanui.

Victoria also predicts that really clean, minimalist, clutter-free spaces will be big this year. (Think Marie Kondo!)

zanui at home with pete evans shelf styling

These clutter-free shelves Fiona Michelon styled in the home of Pete Evans are exactly what we’re looking for in 2019.


So that’s it! Those are our 2019 interior trend predictions. What do you think? Did you like anything you saw here? Let us know in the comments!

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