2018 Australian Interior Design Trend Predictions

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2018 is here, which means it’s time for some new interior design trends! We asked the lovely leading ladies of our Buying Team, Victoria and Alanna, for their interior style trend predictions for the year ahead. See if you agree…


In: Warm, earthy tones

warm earthern colour trend 2018

Think rust, reddish browns, terracotta, clay, muddy pink – all those rich colours that inspire a sense of warmth and Zen. Such colours can complement a whole range of interior design things, from contemporary to provincial, but they work particularly well in rustic, tropical, and Moroccan-themed interiors.

You can work these colours into your home in any number of ways, through the upholstery on your armchairs or dining chairs, subtle patterns on your cushions, or an anchoring rug. You may even have these colours already in your home—sometimes something as simple as an exposed brick wall will do the trick!

Out: Millennial pink

Sybilla 2 Seater Sofa

This colour was EVERYWHERE in 2017, from the fashion world to the music world, but most prominent of all in the interior design world. It wasn’t that bright, in-your-face Barbie pink beloved by little girls for generations. It was a softer shade, more neutral, and more widely accepted by both women and men.

As beloved as this colour was over 2017, we think it’s time has come and gone, and we’re predicting it’ll be a has-been in 2018. If you ask any interior design expert, the consensus among them will be that this colour is well and truly done.

Out: Rose gold

Perhaps the most devastating addition to this predictions list. (We know this is going to be hard to hear for a lot of you—hands up who bought a rose gold phone case in the last year or two.) But the time for rose gold is at an end.


In: Organic grains

organic grains are in for 2018 grand designs australia

In line with the earthy shades we predict will be a hit this year, we think we’ll be seeing a lot of organic patterns, too—particularly in furniture. Natural wood grains, water marks, and organic weathering are going to be around a lot this year – just wait and see!

Out: Florals

florals are out for 2018

As the ever-quotable Miranda Priestly said in The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.” Only this time it’s all year round we won’t be impressed with florals.

But don’t fret, flower lovers! While we do think florals and botanicals will be on the outs in interior design for 2018, these sorts of prints and patterns are timeless. There’s every chance they could make a comeback in the future. Maybe don’t let go of all your flower-print quilt covers or replace your floral artworks just yet…


In: Linen

linen is in for 2018

Talk about timeless! What’s not to love about linen? Linen fabric is hypoallergenic, anti-static, breathable, not to mention it’s usable all year round. It’s low-maintenance and it has a rather uniquely soft texture that actually becomes softer with age. They say that if you sleep upon linen sheets, you’ll have a better night’s sleep… With all these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why the experts say linen will be a hit in 2018.

In: Dark wood

Lighter-coloured woods have been on-trend for a while, particularly in Scandi and contemporary interiors. But this year we predict we’re going to see a rise in popularity for those darker woods like mahogany, oak, and walnut along with dark wood veneers. Very rustic-chic.

In: Short fringing, frayed edges, and visible stitching

visible stitching and frayed edges in 2018

It’s going to be all about the purposely aged, well-worn look when it comes to soft furnishings, like wall hangings, cushions, and throw rugs. If you’re looking for a way to make your interiors feel softer and cosier then jump on board this sure-fire trend while it’s hot!

In: Terrazzo

terrazzo is in in 2018

Terrazzo is a type of composite material usually made of chips of broken stone (typically marble) and cement that is then polished and smoothed. The result is a stunning, speckled mosaic look, something we think we’re going to see a lot of this year, particularly in home accents like vases.

Out: Copper

copper trend is out in 2018

Like the colour rose gold, copper as a material has been on-trend for years. But, sadly, all good things must come to an end, and brass is fast becoming the must-have metallic for 2018.

Interior décor themes

In: Bohemian

bohemian interior style trend is in in 2018

The boho-inspired interior trend is all about patterns; soft textures; and relaxed, laidback vibes. The look is versatile and works in so many different spaces and in loads of different ways—great for interior design beginners and experts alike. It’s so easy to master, we’re thinking there’ll be elements of boho everywhere this year.

In: Rustic

Think less country western, think more country chic. Weathered and worn materials, dark woods, soft leathers, natural and organic elements – we’re predicting that all of these individual things will be in-vogue throughout 2018, so it makes sense that the interior decor theme that combines them all would be in as well!

Out: Futuristic, sleek, and high-gloss

It makes sense that with all those organic textures and purposely worn and weathered materials, the sleek, ultra-clean, futuristic interiors would fall out of favour in 2018. We’ll be sad to see them go, but we’re sure they’ll be back in the not too distant future.

Out: Mid-century

mid century modern trend is out in 2018

Characterised by clean lines, bold pops of colour, and functionality over decoration and ornamentation (and made popular by Mad Men), mid-century modern definitely still has a place in today’s interior design world. But we’re predicting it’ll be taking a backseat this year, in favour of those more homey, rustic and organic styles mentioned above.

Top Decor Trend Picks for 2018

In: Organic and earthen luxury

indoor hanging plants are still popular in 2018

As you may have already worked out, we’re predicting the handmade look will be especially popular this year. Think raw, organic textures, hand-glazed ceramics, worn and weathered wood looks, uneven shapes and rough lines, and those frayed edges we mentioned earlier.

We’re also going to continue to see a lot of indoor plants. This has been a trend for a while now and it’s still going strong. From hanging plants to cute, potted succulents, this is a trend everyone can try out and enjoy.

Out: Glamour and opulence

glamour and opulence is out in 2018

With the organic, natural trend taking over this year, it only makes sense that opulence and glamour would be on the way out. It’s at the very opposite end of the spectrum, with an emphasis on glitz and gold rather than handmade and uneven.


What are you loving this season?

Victoria: Woven details, and natural tan leathers mixed with streamlined metal. The perfect mix of cosy and comfy, and sleek and sophisticated – I love it!

Alanna: I am loving all the modern, bohemian-looking styles. It’s such an easy style to master and it suits many different types of homes – whether it be the indigo of shibori patterns or the natural colours and organic materials you love in home décor, it’s a style that creates a soft, easy comfort.

What is the one must-have you think everyone should have this season?

life interiors sticotti walnut coffee table

Styling by Life Interiors and Citizens of Style

V: Texture! Velvet, suede, and leather are so on-trend and accessible right now. You can mix and match your textures to create a unique, relaxed look. Soft leather cushions on a linen upholstered couch, a cowhide rug beneath a wooden coffee table – it’s that easy!

A: Baskets in natural materials like sea grass and rattan. They’re perfect for displaying your most loved indoor plant. Plus, depending on size, they’re great for use as storage baskets and laundry hampers! So many possibilities.

What do you think of Pantone’s colour of the year—Ultra Violet?

V: It was an unexpected choice – but it’s grown on me!

A: I am loving this beautiful, rich colour. It’s nice to have something so different after so much time with monochrome and pastel colours.

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