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Bedroom Furniture

Style your sleep sanctuary with the perfect ensemble, combining quality with comfort

The Zanui Buying Guide For Bedroom Style

The bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house. It’s the home of downtime – the space where you take your R&R, and embark on your REM! So taking some time to ensure this space evokes the ultimate in relaxation is a sound investment in blissful zzzs!

You can express your own unique style in your choice of bed and bedside tables, your chest of drawers and your decorative storage options. Creating your own signature look makes for a super-cosy respite from real life. Curate your very own sanctuary.

Bedroom style options are seemingly infinite, from classically feminine designs to clean-lined modernism, French Provincial and more. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So we’ve put together these handy tips for finessing your bedroom style.

Start by selecting your bed

If you’re decorating your bedroom from scratch, your bed is a perfect place to start. Your bed is the place where you’ll spend over 50 hours a week! That’s if you’re getting your recommended amount of shut-eye. Consider whether you’d prefer a timber, upholstered or metal bed.

SLH and Hudson Furniture offer stylish designs in natural and painted wood whilst Zanui’s signature range offers standout upholstered bed heads and bed frames.

Marry style with functionality in your bedside tables

Art Deco, infused with cottage charm, chic modern, or old-school trunk-style… There seem to be almost as many bedside tables as people! Which is only good – it means you’ll find just the right style for your bedroom space.

Consider the convenience of bedside tables with storage

Your bedside table houses all your night essentials: that latest paperback, your tissues, your framed pics of loved ones, and that all-important tumbler of H2O. It’s where your glasses rest, whilst you get some shut-eye. And where you dump your jewellery.

Enclosed storage keeps this space neat. Select from one or two-drawer bedside tables or bedside tables with under-shelves. These keep your surfaces less cluttered. However, if you’re not a collector of things, then perhaps a simple bedside table is for you.

Match the style of your bedside table to your bed

Create a cohesive look by aligning your bedframe or bed design style with that of your bedside table. Opt for like with like – matching within a brand. Or create a more punchy style with a little digression in design.

Danish designers Interstil do some great modern bedside tables in boxy designs. The Zanui home brand bedside tables play out in lively colours. Both of these are great for kids’ bedrooms as well as adults bedrooms.

Install a dressing table to create order in your couture

And finally find a fitting home for your fashion items! A dressing table keeps your socks and your smalls in check and your tees and jumpers tidy and out of sight.

Select a slender tall boy or a sturdy dressing table to suit your style and space

Consider your expectations of your dressing table before you extend your wallet – make sure you’re opting for enough space to meet your needs. Select from wide three drawer dressers to tall five drawer chest of drawers to maximise your bedroom space.

Check whether the drawers are on runners and ask yourself what style handle you’d prefer. Inset handles create a sleeker look, whilst leather handles add distinctive personality as shown in the Loft Interiors collection. By contrast the Hudson Furniture range has old-school charm.

Need more tips for styling your sleep space? Browse the blog and our Pinterest boards for bedroom style inspiration!