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Bed sheets

Sometimes in our eagerness to create the ultimate, Instagram-able bed we focus a lot on quilt cover sets, but totally overlook finding amazing bed sheets. Not only can this mean our beds might not look as beautiful as they could with the proper sheets, but we could also be accidentally sacrificing comfort! If there’s one rule we have in the bedroom, it’s that comfort comes first.

100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Set

A Neutral Palette

Plain bedsheets might seem a little boring to the more adventurous bedroom stylists, but there’s always something to be said for a little simplicity when it comes to bedding.

One of the biggest benefits of plain flat sheets is that it lets the rest of your bedroom décor shine! If you have a beloved quilt cover, perhaps with a deep purple floral print, then a complementary sheet of maybe a soft pink could actually elevate your bed style! This kind of coordination could be even more complementary than if you had another floral element on your bed sheet as well as the quilt cover in some cases.

The other main draw of neutral-toned bedding is that it’s often made from natural, soft, breathable materials. Organic materials like cotton, linen, and bamboo don’t take to dyes as well as other materials, which can be disheartening if you were planning on making a statement with your sheets, it can be a relief for those that prefer the timeless charm of neutral bedding.

Spot & Dot Fitted Sheet

Patterns & Prints

Neutral tones will always be popular in the bedroom, there’s no getting around that. However, printed fitted sheets with a coordinated pattern quilt cover on top? That could be the fast track to a stunning bedroom style.

You might worry about coordination when it comes to your bed sheets and quilt cover if you favour decorative sheets, but fortunately the rules of the plain sheets still apply. Try to fit colours together if you’re a fan of the coordinated look. On the other hand, just experiment with whatever takes your fancy and see where it goes!