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how to choose the right bed head

You’ve got a stylish bed base and a comfortable mattress but you just know that something isn’t quite right. The bedroom aura is incomplete. You know you need the perfect bed head or headboard, but where do you even begin?

padded headboards

One of the most common types of bed heads or bed headboards are padded ones. An upholstered bed head with comfy foam padding is always a clever choice. You can opt for tufted upholstery or a plain, sleek finish. But what really matters is this: can you see yourself leaning into that comfy padding, enjoying a good book and a warm cup of tea or coffee? If so, padded bed headboards might be right for you.

wooden headboards

A wood headboard may not have the built-in comfort of padded bed heads, but they exude a timeless charm that other headboards can’t achieve. Queen wooden bed heads, especially, exude a classic glam look with their curved edges and delicate detailing. This look won’t always work in more contemporary interiors and with contemporary bed frames, but if you’re all about that vintage glam then the wood look might be perfect for your bedroom.

oversized headboards

If you have a double bed you may think you’re excluded to any bed head size other than double bedheads but that isn’t the case. In some cases, with excellent sizing, it’s possible to oversize your bed head. For example, a queen bed could be accented with a king bed head for a luxurious, impactful aesthetic. This won’t work in every case, of course. It’s generally advised that single beds stick with single bedheads—the size difference between single and double can feel a lot more drastic than that from double to queen.

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