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Bed Frames

Achieve the best sleeps with sturdiness and reliability of a quality frame

When a double is too small and a king is too big, a queen bed is just right.

The queen size bed is one of the most popular bed sizes.  Queen beds are perfect for couples, with enough room for each of you, as well as single people, with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy yourself. It’s the just right size. But even if you’re ready to start looking ad beds you know that you know you want a queen size frame and a queen mattress, there’s still more things to consider before it’s bed time.

A queen headboard is also an important aspect of your bedroom. After all, you need a queen size headboard to match a queen size mattress. Not to mention your queen bed platform. While traditional queen beds might have been an all-in-one style piece, modern queen beds can be found in their separate parts. This means that you can create the contemporary beds or bed of your dreams.

Contemporary bed frames allow a great deal of personalisation. Many newer queen size headboards offer neutral colour palettes that act as a black canvas for your décor. There are, of course, still styles within neutrality. Cool, modern beds will present the darker shades true to modern interior styling. Or perhaps a Scandi-inspired look that might appeal to you as it often involves a more natural, modern wood queen bed.

Another style of bed is the modern platform bed. These beds are large and solid. No skinny legs on a platform bed. One of the most convenient aspects of these beds is their storage abilities. It’s not hard to find a modern queen bed with storage if you desire one. A queen size storage bed will often have two drawers on either side of the bed. These drawers are a great space for storing bed-related items such as extra linens, throws and cushions. If drawers don’t appeal to you, one of the other popular forms of the queen storage bed is one that lifts up. This means that the foot of the bed can be lifted in order to access a large storage space. This can be perfect for those who don’t like to pull out drawers and just want one big place to store their belongings.

Storage beds often sit higher than beds without the storage capabilities, which might appeal to you, even if the storage doesn’t. If you’re looking to combine queen size and the height of storage beds, modern platform beds might be your solution. A modern platform bed is a type of modern bed frame that exudes glamourous style. Its unmissable silhouette is perfect for anyone looking to make an impact in the bedroom.

Modern and contemporary bed styles continue to evolve and change, meaning there are more styles than ever so that you can get the perfect bed for you. Find your new bed online now at Zanui.