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Style your day at the beach with a flair for fun and summer colour with these playful designs...

Have the most fun in the sun with beach & pool products from Zanui

Here’s your checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared for a great time outdoors, whether it’s in your own backyard pool or out at the beach.

Wategos Round Towel

Stay dry

Like swimmers, towels go hand in hand with a day at the pool or beach. The last thing you want is to come home or to go back inside dripping wet! Beach towels come in all sorts of colours and designs, from hooded towels to round towels, so you can personalise your towel style. Larger towels can also double as throws and sarongs to keep you warm and stylish in between swims.

Outdoor Sun Umbrella, Tier

Stick to the shade

Along with wearing sunscreen, hats and protective clothes, a shady spot is a must-have if you’re going to be spending time outdoors. A portable outdoor umbrella or sun shelter allows you to take the shade with you wherever you go. For backyard pool parties and barbecues, a sturdier patio umbrella will help keep you and your guests safe from the heat of the sun.

Kiddy Float, Rose Gold Flamingo

Have fun in the water

Swimming is fun, sure, but pool accessories like water rings, underwater cameras, and inflatable pool games can take that fun to the next level. You can find all sorts of pool inflatables, shaped like flamingos and swans or coloured to look like watermelon! Water rings, water wings and floats can also help little swimmers stay safe while they’re having fun in the water.

Outdoor Cushion Recliner, Kakteen

Be comfortable

Whether you’re watching the kids or taking time out to read a book, you’ll want a comfortable place to sit down when you’re not in the water. Outdoor chairs provide just that. Sun lounges and deck chairs are great for the backyard, while portable, cushioned chairs and bean bags are great for the beach, park or any other place away from home.

Linen Beach Bag, Navy Coral

Take the fun with you

You’ll need a way to carry those towels, pool games and sun accessories if you’re going to the beach or to a pool that’s not your own. That’s where beach bags come in. Not just a practical essential for any beach or pool-goer, a beach bag makes for a stylish accessory. Beach totes come in many materials, from linen to cotton to jute, and also many designs, so you can even match your bag to your outfit. Just make sure the bag is large enough to hold all your things, and you’re good to go!