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Bath Mats

You just finished a relaxing bath or steaming hot shower you step out onto your bathroom floor and realize that you could really use a comfy, absorbent bath mat that will not only compliment your bath room décor but will also cushion your toes, keep you from taking a nasty fall and sop up any errant water that escapes onto the floor. Zanui has just what you are looking for with many styles and colors to choose from you can find exactly the bath mat that will not only serve its purpose but look fabulous doing it.

We have bath mats from companies like Bambury, Esprit Home, and Marie Claire by Linen House. If you like to switch up your style and keep it fresh, Esprit home has a reversible bath mat that is solid color on one side and striped pattern on the reverse. If you are looking for more luxury then look into Marie Claire by Linen House. These cotton jacquard luxurious bath mats boast a monochromatic color scheme and embossed clover pattern and are perfect to add an elegant touch to any bathroom. Anyone with children knows that when they take a bath they have a tendency to get more water on the floor than they started with in the tub. Esprit Home has the perfect solution for this problem.

The splash Bath Mat not only does this come in many fun and bright colors but it is woven out of yarn and the center is hollow to allow it to absorb more water. It is soft and supple and will cushion your little ones feet all while complimenting your bathroom and controlling water messes. When something as simple as a bath mat can not only save you or your family from injuring themselves in a fall but can also save your home from repeated water damage and possible costly repairs. Zanui knows that even the simplest smallest things can make a huge difference in your home and how you feel about your home. Pamper yourself with a beautiful bath mat for your bathroom today, and remember not to be afraid to express your style with color.

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