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Fresh and leafy palms, ferns, and florals make an impactful statement on your decor, enriching the room with natural charm without the maintenance fuss

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Refresh Your Interiors with Fake Flowers and Plants

You don’t have to be a green thumb to have beautiful indoor plants. Artificial plants can help you achieve the look of the real thing without any of the stresses of upkeep.

An artificial tree stood in the corner of a room, or a vase of fake flowers displayed as a dining table centrepiece, can really enrich your interior decor. Lining a hallway with artificial wall plants, for example, can make the narrow space feel much fresher and more open.

Often, artificial plants are so well-designed that you could go so far as to create an artificial green wall at home that looks as good as the real thing – with less than half the maintenance needed!

Artificial plants don’t need to be pruned, re-potted, or even watered. They don’t lose their leaves or drop seeds, and their flowers remain beautiful and vibrant all year long.

Just like fake grass, they don’t even need sunlight to stay green and healthy-looking. This means they can be displayed in all corners of the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, without worry. Fake wall plants and hanging plants can be perfect for bringing a fresh, rustic feel to such spaces.

At Zanui, we have a vast range of artificial flowers and fake plants designed to bring nature to you, without the hassle. Many of these are so detailed that no one would ever know they weren’t real! From colourful fake wall plants to leafy green pot plants with artificial grass covering the fake soil, we have all your indoor plant needs covered.

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