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Armchairs: transforming the aesthetic of your space

Armchairs are more than just seats – they are the apex of lounging comfort, and they have the ability to shape, even transform, the style of your space. The right armchair creates a focal point, an accent of style that works with your current interior to enrich or enliven your personal aesthetic. When choosing an armchair it is helpful to keep in mind where and how you will be using it. Perhaps you need something with comfortable fabric that matches your current lounge room furniture, or maybe you want a luxurious, leather piece to create a feature in your bedroom or study. At Zanui, we tailor our range of online armchairs to cater to a broad range of styles and purposes to ensure that your requirements are met. We track the latest interior trends from Sydney, Melbourne and abroad to ensure we are offering up-to-date options and providing you with a dynamic shopping experience.

Utilising Style

If your main concern is style – if you want to create a new aesthetic or revitalise an old one – then browse Zanui’s range of style focused brands for the perfect trend-setting piece. Cafe Lighting offers a collection of wing-backed armchairs that make a designer statement, employing a range of luxurious textiles and vintage armchair details to produce an elegant ambience suitable for the bedroom, study of library. For a striking, decorative effect, Vida & Co armchairs are presented in a variety of unique materials and shapes, granting you the ability to add accent to rooms around your home – these styles encourage you to think outside of your lounge room space. And if you need more than one armchair – perhaps for an entrance hall or studio space – SLH provide pieces subtle enough to multiply, with colours to suit any interior palate.

Regarding Comfort

If you are looking for an armchair to match or rejuvenate your current lounge room setting, Zanui offers a range of brands that put comfort first. Wendelbo offer pieces designed with soft shapes and colours, modern style lines and thick cushioning – comfortable and captivatingly cool. For classic armchair style, Molmic provide cushioned, box-shaped armchairs that are great for matching with standard lounge room furniture. They also have a range of legged, high-backed styles that give a more demure feel to your space. And if it’s the perfect combination of billowy comfort and clean style that you are after. When looking through our brands, be sure to make the most of our detailed product pages. We offer you as much information as we can to ensure that you are making the right decision. So go ahead and have a browse through our range. If you had to choose an armchair that suited you perfectly, where would you sit?