Living Room


While away the hours in your reading nook or cosy up and catch your favourite show in a comfy spot all your own

An armchair is a staple in a lot of homes, but why? Isn't it just a comfy chair that goes in the living room along with the sofa? While that is certainly one way to use an armchair, there are plenty of other ways too. Armchairs can be used in every room of the home. Find your new armchair at Zanui.

Living Room Armchairs

Your living room is a place to express your personal aesthetic.

The living space is a great opportunity to create a cohesive lounge suite by matching your sofas and armchairs. Or, you can use your armchairs as accent chairs to contrast the rest of your living room.

Brands like Café Lighting & Living,  offer a large range of living room furniture to suitplenty of styles.

Bedroom Armchairs

The centrepiece of the bedroom will always be the bed. There's no way around that. But that doesn't mean that a comfy chair in the corner can't make the space come together. (After all, where else will we put those clothes that aren't dirty but that we don't want to put away?)

Casual lounge chairs in the bedroom can also make the space feel more open and useful. The bedroom is often ignored and only used when it's bed time, but there's a whole room there! There's no reason you can't make more use of the space, especially if you live in a full house.

The bedroom can become a stylish escape from parents for the little ones, or (better yet) an escape from the little ones for the parents. Or if you live in a shared house, you can furnish your bedroom to ensure your personal space suits all your needs.

Home Office Armchairs

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a stylish home office, but for those of us that are, classic leather armchairs are the perfect finishing touches. (We all know leather recliners can turn any home office into something straight out of Mad Men.)

Vintage modern chairs easily slip into a classic aesthetic. Or you could try something more contemporary with designer armchairs. Brands like SLH specialise in luxe finishes and could have just the thing for your home office. Just remember, this space is for work so every piece of furniture has to be about helping to create a functional and inspiring room.

Nursery Armchairs

If you have little ones, you know that a comfortable chair while feeding or reading cannot be over-hyped. A footrest is a great idea in this space, especially when you have a baby that needs to be held, as it lets you put your feet up and sink in to the comfort of your chair.

You might also want to use this chair for reading, whether it's a fun afternoon activity together or reading your bub to sleep. More often than not in these situations, your little one will be sitting on you or squished up near you so want to make sure your chair is comfortable.

Choosing the right fabric for your chair in this space could have a large impact on comfort. For example, velvet armchairs feel so luxurious and soft, but might not be a good idea if your little one is likely to be sick as velvet can be hard to clean. On the other hand, polyester fabric armchairs are a more standard option, yet their breathable (and easier to clean) design may sway you. Just make sure you can sit there for a few hours when the bub falls asleep on you.

Reading Nook Armchairs

When creating a reading or book nook, the chair is the focal point (except for the books, of course). Your reading nook chair has to be stylish yet comfortable. Replica armchairs are a great option for this space. You could even incorporate a design from your favourite period in time for literature. Or for a more relaxed space you could try recliner chairs as they can support the whole body evenly to help you stay lost in your new favourite book.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing occasional armchairs for your book nook is the arms. This is something we might not think about until it's too late, but strong, supportive armrests for you to let your elbows sit on as you hold your book are always underrated. Make sure you can see yourself losing hours to a good book in a chair before committing to it for your reading nook.

Outdoor Armchairs

You may think single lounge chairs are exclusive to indoor lounge spaces, but there's no reason you can't extend it outdoors! In the warmer months we all want to escape outdoors. Creating a comfy outdoor space can make that easy!

Remember to keep an eye on the materials you use in your outdoor space. Rattan armchairs are a great choice. The material is breathable and very resistant to weather damage. You can also look to teak armchairs and even cast iron as they're all designed for outdoor use. Brands like Vida & Co. have a lot of outdoor looks that you could incorporate into your outdoor space with ease.