Charging your devices is now more stylish than ever with the power and practicality of the ALLDOCK charging stations. These functional and convenient innovations are the solution to cord confusion with a clean, designer feel.
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Say farewell to fussy cords around your home with the ALLDOCK collection of sleek charging stations. ALLDOCK is the brainchild of German design studio Dittrich.

Sleek and streamlined, the ALLDOCK charging hubs epitomise superior German design. We're in love!

What is ALLDOCK?

ALLDOCK is a USB charging hub with multiple ports. It houses your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, camera, in fact almost all your digital devices in one all-purpose speedy charging station.

Showcasing a clean-lined minimalist design, ALLDOCK increases your efficiency without compromising your style. ALLDOCK hubs adapt well to your home office or living spaces. Performance meets premium quality in this collection of USB charging hubs.

ALLDOCK delivers superior functionality

The folks at ALLDOCK are perfectionists. They insist on peak performance when it comes to the technical side of things. All of the ALLDOCK USB charging hubs guarantee a simultaneous output of 2,400 mA for each of its connections.

In lay-person speak that means each of your digital devices is charged at top speed! Each port can charge up to 80% battery in an hour - no matter how many ports are in use.

Plus, ALLDOCK is energy-efficient. Stylish, effective and earth-friendly! Nice.

How does it work?

Each universally compatible USB hub fits multiple charging cables (not included). The integrated circuit inside each USB hub then ensures your electronic device is protected from excessive electrical currents or voltage, and from short circuits.

This circuit also identifies the type of equipment being charged and selects the best charging method for each USB port. That's what we call smart design.

No ugly cables. No mess. And your digital devices are fully functional whilst they're charging.

ALLDOCK offers understated + sustainable good looks

ALLDOCK is perfect for the house-proud. It prioritises aesthetic within its designs. Select from a range of premium materials to find the right style for your home. 

ALLDOCK uses high-quality processed ABS plastic, selected bamboo from China and fine walnut wood from New Zealand. Mix and match or opt for all-white, all-black or all-wood to work in with your interior style.

Select from natural to uber-modern for a durable design with eco-friendly benefits.

ALLDOCK puts safety first

Each ALLDOCK USB hub is encased in fireproof PC material. It protects against overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuit for the utmost in electrical safety. ALLDOCK comes with FCC, CE and SAA certification.

Make your life easier. Embrace efficiency with the ALLDOCK USB charging hubs.